With Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant, Justin Long, Cliff Curtis, Kevin Smith, Maggie Q
Directed by Len Wiseman

The classic 80s action heroes are dusting themselves off for one more whirl around the track. Arnold made his third Terminator appearance a few years back, but Stallone not only resurrected Rocky for a last hurrah, but also Rambo. Even Harrison Ford is giving Indiana Jones one more ride. So, naturally Bruce Willis’ most defining screen character has the right not
to remain silent.
With about a dozen years since the third Die Hard chapter where Bruce blew Jeremy Irons away for being a stuttering, gold thieving, bomb happy brother of Hans (1st Die Hard villain), he’s back, when (as usual) he is accidentally pulled into a huge crisis. This time affecting more than a high rise, airport or the city of New York, but the entire United States!
The FBI is rounding up a top list of hackers after their security system is breached - they recruit local law enforcement to assist. McClane has to pick up one of these computer wiz-kids, but hey get attacked with relentless force. On the run from the killers and heading towards the FBI agents, they become aware of a plot which threatens to collapse the entire country to its foundation. Would McClane stand for that? With the help of the hacker they take on what at first seems like terrorists, but obviously reveal much more. With some great action scenes and the expected wisecracks, Willis does not disappoint.
The hip, tech bad guys (and girl) are not bad enough, nor too sympathetic, so when they get it, you neither cheer not gasp. Some highly physical and outlandish stunts are quite intense though, but the defined characters like Hans in the original Die Hard had far more presence.
I was expecting John McTiernan (director of parts 1 & 2) to return for this one, but Underworld director Len Wiseman did a great job (even if a lot of the action is digitally boosted).

PS. With Willis probably a bit less toned than back in the day, this time round he doesn’t end up in a dirty vest!
PSS. Clerks fans will be glad to see director Kevin Smith (aka Silent Bob) in a supporting role.

4 / B
- PB

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