Die Hard 5


With Bruce Willis, Jai Courtney, Sebastian Koch, Yuliya Snigir, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Radivoje Bukvic, Cole Hauser

Written by Skip Woods, Roderick Thorp

Directed by John Moore

Experiencing all of the Die Hard movies in the cinema since it first exploded onto the screen in 1988, I can consider myself a fan. With a generation not growing up with the originals and experiencing many other franchises since this game-changing action series, (as with the fourth chapter) this fifth installment takes the logical step to jack it up, competing with everything from Mission Impossible, the Bourne saga and yes, even the legendary James Bond.

New York cop John McClane has a knack to find himself in the wrong place at the right time (because without him the bad guys would be getting away with it) – be it at Nakatomi Plaza in LA, an airport, New York City or Washington DC, his instinct and guts always result in a serious body count and saving the day his way.

This time McClane finds himself outside of the USA in Russia with his wife absent from the narrative, but his kids (now adults) involved. On flying to Moscow he tries to connect with his estranged son who seems to be up to his neck in shit. But he is embroiled in a deadly plot that (naturally) involves money, as well as corrupt Russian politicians, the CIA and betrayal, but even nuclear weapons get thrown in, stepping it up another notch (from the skyscraper heist of the first movie).

Kicking off with a high octane escape and chase through Russian traffic jams, the scene is set with force to retain an exhilarating pursuit which occasional allows for lulls in the action, but the shooting erupts at the drop of a hat. If you'll be biting your nails whether they will team up for some ass-kicking and whether a father and son reconciliation will be imminent amid the flying bullets and explosions, you obviously haven't seen many of these movies...

Whether Willis is set to retire his character for the son to take over, we'll have to see.

4 / B
- Paul Blom

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