6 - Volcanic
5 - Blistering
4 - Hot
3 - Smoldering
2 - Room Temp.
1 - Fizzled
0 - Extinguished

A: Multiple Listening
B: Deserves Another Spin
C: Once Should Suffice

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DENNIS EAST - Dammit I Love You (BMG)
East is quite the SA music veteran, having produced tons of records, penning many hits and even lending his voice to consumers (singing on ads). With a semi-rock, modern feel (but not quite), Dennis lays out 20 tracks. Some
Creedence Clearwater Revival songs get the East make-over in a medley, while Johannes Kerkorrelís Hoe Ek Voel and other Afrikaans songs are also squeezed in. A dance version of Rhinestone Cowboy will have to be judged by each listener for themselves. Unchained Melody and A Good Heart sounds better if you hadn't heard the originalsÖwhich goes for Creedence, and the others. Basically (besides two of his own tracks) itís a cover album.
- PB
1 / C

ESSENTIAL MIX 2 - in between pulses (Primedia)
Synthetic beat-lovers and ravers step up. DJ Paul Almeidís 2nd installment packs in a whopping 20 tracks mixed with a competent hand. Some of them will be familiar to many, but not necessarily the ďartistsĒ who produced the artificially created forgettable songs. Some of them include
Mondane, Club Robbers, Hi-Per, Alarma, Loop 35, Beatbox, DJ Valium and more. Even if you think the musicís trash, there are some cool goodies to be won.
- PB
2 / B

ETERNITY AND A DAY - Motion Picture Soundtrack by Eleni Karaindrou
A soundtrack of absolute simplicity and beauty. The emotional and touching theme song is woven throughout the 18 tracks. A lovely CD booklet contains fine stills from the film, making it a little photo album of pictures retaining the essence delivered by the film, the music binding its mood. Strings piano and other orchestral variations glide through this dreamy, somber but uplifting soundtrack, making it a CD to listen to when youíre on your own in a pensive mood.
- PB
5 / A

ETHEL MY LOVE - Ďscuse the fun (Independent Release)
If this trio of young lads keep it up, hone their skills and progress from this, their debut CD, theyíll still get far. Sure, itís not hardcore punk but a more happy, lighter side of the genre and even if you take labels like Sugarpunk seriously, donít let it influence you. This CD is vibey, fun-filled and dare I say it, cute. Their everday feelings and perspective on life is basic and personal, but by no means inferior to anything else. I think the CD might not necessarily reflect what they can pull off live, but is a great refelction of what theyíre all about. With the album co-produced by pop-meister Adam Lomas of Amersham, Iím not sure if they mightíve wanted it a bit more punchy than it turned out or not. Either way, itís commercial enough to appeal to a wide range of listeners as well as rebellious in a nice, non-threatening sort of way. Ethel will definitely surpass what Scabby Annie couldíve been at the moment if they didnít get lost in the fog. And EMLís headlights are set on bright.
- PB
3 / B

If you donít mind whether the tunes you like are done by the original artist or not, this one might be for you. Here you get 18 rendtions as well as a bonus 32 track summer party mix CD. Tracks like Life Is A Rollercoaster, Breathless, Lucky, Music, Rock DJ, I Will Love Again, She Bangs and more make up the 18 tracks on the actual purchaced CD - while Iím sure many would probably have the bonus disc in their player more often. Otherwise, try out some original artists for a change, if you can tell the difference.
- PB
4 / C