6 - Volcanic
5 - Blistering
4 - Hot
3 - Smoldering
2 - Room Temp.
1 - Fizzled
0 - Extinguished

A: Multiple Listening
B: Deserves Another Spin
C: Once Should Suffice

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THE WAR OF THE WORLDS - ULLAdubULLA Remix Album (Columbia)
The lame copying of (basically souped-up cover versions) of great tunes of the past by adding a Housethump and some additional nonsensical vocals seems to be with us for good. This far more ambitious take on the classic 70ís musical based on the H.G. Wells tale by
Jeff Wayne (also executive producer on this version) has way more merit that any rip-off littering the radio airwaves. Disc one (ULLAdubULLA) contains all the basics of the alien invasion tale with original narration by Richard Burton, David Essex & others in tact. Some of the remix masters include Hybrid, Torsten Stenzel, Naughty G, Todd Terry, N Trance, Dario G, Hani, Apollo Four Forty & more. Thereís more passion in these tracks, not only because of its original magical source material, but due to the varied approaches and incapability of it being turned into fluff & fodder. Disc two (ULLAdubULLAdubULLA) delivers various remixes , mainly of the unforgettable tracks The Eve Of The War and Forever Autumn. Listed as 10 tracks, it actually contains 16 in all (with sub-tracks) making it a whole other album all its own with at times a harder re-mix edge. Even though this great work gets the modern makeover & facelift, the original is still one amazing piece of work that should not be overlooked nor forgotten.
- PB
5 / A

KIRK WHALUM - Unconditional (Gallo)
Itís hard for those not really into popular saxophone jazz to distinguish from the
Kenny G popcorn bubble gum and the rest. Here Kirk recruits some fine musicians to back him up. But, then I just canít help but to flash back to the music from the porno Elements Of Desire - not implying his musicís cheap, but more so a matter of the porn having a pretty descent soundtrackÖ. In between the ten tracks of highly accessible jazz sax, there is also a cover version of Macy Grayís runaway hit, I Try.
- PB
3 / B

WINGERDROCK 2 - Squeeze my Tros (Trippy Grape)
The Trippy gang never seems to stop working. This compilation features some old favourites and new hopefuls. Following on their ever growing Wingerdstok Festival, these are studio tracks, not live ones taken from the Fest. Some of the bands featured include
The Honeymoon Suites, Dorp, Government Car, Sunfish, 508, The Dennis Brothers, Raaskopleef, Ras Tamie and Calamity Jane. Ranging from cool, funky and mellow to loud, obnoxious, all round fun and at times poor & stupid, this compilation sets the trend for many local labels to put their money where their mouth is when promoting indigenous talent.
- PB
4 / B

WOW 1999 (EMI)
Christian music has come a long way and itís not what youíd expect it to be either. Some of the 30 Christian stars on this double disc include
DC Talk, Jars Of Clay, Out Of Eden, Third Day, Supertones, Big Tent Revival, Veggietales, Point Of Grace, Avalon, 4Him, Michael W. Smith, Chris Rice, Carman (heís still around?), Amy Grant, Bob Carlisle and more. Some fine pop-like, rock-like and almost-alternative songs are hidden in here with the lyrics not always as blatant to annoy those of little faith. Itís a great compilation if youíre into that sort of thing - but overall itís very positive - and whatís wrong with that? But, hey, give me the glammy metal of Stryper any day!
- PB
3 / B

WU-TANG CLAN - Wu-Tang Forever (Sony)
With this mammoth double album, our 9 rap assassins made the world as a whole stand up & listen to the industry known as
Wu-Tang Clan.
- PB
4 / A