F8 bass

The decision to make F8 a "bass only" project has more reasoning than merely the inability to play guitar (ha-ha!) - even if it has 4 bass players - no guitars are allowed. Why? Why not!
For one, this avoids the established Jackson, Metal Zone and Marshall sound of the time almost every band with a hard edge employed. F8 isn't meant to be metal anyway. But in so many parts Paul made the bass sound like a mean guitar, fooling everyone (on the flip-side, the Addictions songs consisting of strictly programmed tracks, not even bass guitar!)

After the recording of Pronounced: FATE, Paul worked with Tom Somers (aka Uncle Bob the Texan Son of a Bitch) to contribute as extra bassist for the extreme live performance and future tracks planned at the time. This didn't follow through, though. For all intents and purposes, F8 will remain a one-man project when it comes to recording, whereas (unlikely) live possibilities are wide open for absolutely anything.

F8 Paul

The absence of guitar is not as apparent an omission as it may seem, as many sounds can be replicated by the bass & distortion pedals. Paul also doesn't consider himself a conventional 'bass player', playing riffs in stead of keeping a steady traditional rhythm. Both subtlety and aggression can be easily maintained (best illustrated in Narcoma). No guitar is also a statement against convention and contributes to a different sound - more simplistic, yet more unique, dark and visceral. Without conventional guitars, the songs have a substance and originality unto themselves which veers away from current trends (though in many cases F8 takes the piss out of these varied types of musical genres). Not quite grind, not quite techno, hardly industrial or metal, yet the deliberate ambiguity of the Tekno-Grind label also reflects in the lyrical content, swaying from serious matters to lighter humorous shit.

F8 bass

The black Hohner / Steinberger bass guitar purchased in the UK is of the headless, streamlined variety - no knobbly, pointy or bulbous protrusions. Many look down upon this design as an '80s throwback laugh, whereas Paul finds it slick, unobtrusive & pretty damn retro cool. The special mechanism also diminishes the annoyance of constant de-tuning.

But, one is never enough. In 1999 a 5-string happened to cross his path, with the intent on adding it to the collection. But it was given to him as a gift in stead! Supremo Mundo! (the bass used to be that of No Friends Of Harry's bassist Dave)

In 2000 a second hand store had a fretless of the same make (and the right colour) for under 2 grand. The credit card was whipped out on the spot.

Three of a kind.
A 4-string, 5-string and fretless black Hohner / Steinberger bass guitar, each with its own special sound and identity.

Mad? Obsessive? A true collector?

The answer is not clear.

F8 Bass



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