F8 - pronounced FATE (feit)
: n. 1. The ultimate agency that predetermines the course of events. 2. the inevitable fortune that befalls a person or thing. 3. the end or final result. 4. death, destruction or downfall. 5. South Africa's only Tekno-Grind band of bizarre proportions with dark ambient, gothic, metal, cheeze, electronic, post-rock, industrial & HC touches...



Face-lifting South African music with a blunt razor, peeling it back, nailing it down with rusty nails, thus exposing it to stare at its own drying pretensions. The pursuit of boredom's destruction. To be serious without losing touch with life's humorous futility. Doing what comes naturally. Lo-fi-digital.

F8 Paul


F8 came into being as a result of
Pablo Priest (SA "Metal Godfathers" Voice Of Destruction's drummer Paul Blom) buying a bass guitar in London (UK) while this landmark metal band did their European thing between 1995-1997, including the recording of the Bloedrivier album in the UK and a full European tour.
The second hand black
Hohner / Steinberger bass guitar was a steal at 90 Pounds (hard flight case included! - in 2001 one of these fuckers was spotted in a shop with a "special" price tag of over R4000 - Yikes!) This was late '96. This bass was intended as a creator of guideline tunes for anticipated project Priests Of Extreme Sadism with brother Francois (V.O.D vocalist, aka Uncle Vinnie & Die Kruis and K.O.B.U.S. vocalist). The procrastinated project was never realized (except for over the top song ideas), but will soon be resurrected from the back burner, and erupt most definitely, rattling quite a few cages.

Returning to SA after a killer Euro-Tour in 1997, the rest of
V.O.D stayed behind, getting on with this and that, watching Kiss & Ozzy live at Donnington, earning Pounds etc. The absence of creating music resulted in messing about on the bass. V.O.D bassist Diccon was set to give some lessons, but he plays with his fingers. Pablo wanted a more hard core approach and settled for a pick. He also ended up teaching himself - well, not really teaching, merely managing to create sounds that stop short of sounding "wrong"!

Eventually a drum machine was added.
Visiting old friends, Werner Offner and Julian Oosthuizen aka Jules & Vern (Vaughan Hyman also present) at the infamous 50 Bloem Street, the notorious
Hangpoes came to being, a one take 60 minute improvisational disaster with Pablo Priest on bass & backing wails, Jules on keyboards and random drum machine, Vern & Vaughan on rotating vocals. The 'master' tape (and only Hangpoes copy) was sent to Francois in London as a Christmas / New Year gift, complete with "50 and Over" porny mag pics as cover artwork - thus the title - a horrorshow!
From that session the first "real" F8 song came to being: I'm a Booza!
Pretty self-explanatory, really. Vern gave it his deep, personal philosophical take on the joys of boozing while Priest & Jules played until they got tired and faded it out.
A couple more live quick take tracks were born a few Vodka soaked Saturday afternoons later incl: !!speeed!!, Dr Faustus, Karnival DeGrind, The Nelly Song and Vernie, Get Me a Drink!.
With the exception of the 2 drinking songs, the first three tracks became the EP: A D8 WITH F8.

After "playing" bass guitar for only a year or so, Pablo wrote over 50 songs. The break from physical strain of drumming hard and fast was a welcome breather, though drum patterns still churned forth via the digital programming (which became took the shape of driving, looping, hypnotic patterns).

Contact F8
for candle lit dinner serenades, corporate junkets, live orgy background music, political rallies, cult victim reprogramming etc.

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