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Paul image taken during the Terminatryx opening for Ministry, 2015


After recording the Pronounced: FATE session, Paul dropped a copy of three tracks off at Malu Van Leewen, editor of Mu'te in the ever popular SL Magazine. It was merely to get his buddy to hear what it sounds like, but got thrown in the pile of the Oppi Koppi Battle of the Bands and the fuckers liked it! There was a week to prepare to play with 5 other bands at the River Club, Cape Town!
The winner of the regionals got to play Oppi Koppi 7-10 August 1998, only the biggest bash in the country (Paul's band V.O.D played Oppi Koppi that year two nights in a row, on the Black Label stage, and Main stage).

Up until that point
F8 had no concrete live plans, although live concepts had been brooding. For a live show a guy and his drum machine just don't cut it, baby. Besides, it was a big enough mission for Paul to play bass and 'sing' independently, never mind sing AND play at the same time!
In steps Francois (rather reluctantly at first), as
Uncle Vinnie, to handle lead vocal duties. Paul on bass & backing screams, the drums pelted out from a digital track, Dirk Van Straaten on the desk.
Two additional personnel couldn't make it, diminishing the visual effect greatly and with the venue's inactive video projector, the bizarro tape could also not be screened.
Nonetheless, the uncompromised audio assault and liberal presence of PVC & latex, and halfway through, red satin underwea
r on Uncle Vinnie shocked the crowd! Needless to say, the audience and judges were left dumbfounded, freaked out, Uncle Vinnie's transvestite costume-change dropping countless jaws, Dirk's killer sound making several ears bleed & putting the other bands to shame.

The closing track was "Drone" almost "Version 2.0" with Paul, Theo
(Springbok Nude Girls guitarist) and Simon (Lithium drummer) adding individual live drum patterns to the programmed mayhem. Climactic and abrupt.
Regardless of the outrageously removed style and stage show of
F8, the designated spot was 3rd.
Big wank...

Our friends Blunt won and went on to win the Oppi Koppi finals - mooi so, manne!

(Sadly we didn't get any photos or video of this show, so it currently remains in the mythical ether and a memory for those who attended - if you happen to have any evidence of the evening, do get in contact!)

Word of the fun traveled quite a distance, but was a far cry from the prospective F8 live show(s) which would've been one hell of spectacle, not just... a guy and a drum machine!!

V.O.D played Oppi Koppi, but guess what? The fuckers omitted the band name from the Oppi Koppi T-shirt!!!! Official instructions are: Write a big V.O.D at the top of the list of bands who played there!!!


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