Here follows a rundown of all the recording sessions as laid down by F8.
Across 4 years (1997 - 2000) F8 recorded four diverse batches of material, mostly unreleased.
The 20th anniversary (2017) sees all of these finally released on-line, plus a new 6-track recording.

all songs written, produced, performed, recorded & mixed by paul blom
unless stated otherwise

© Flamedrop Productions 1997 - 2001

F8 Soul and the Flesh F8 A Star Is Miscarried F8 Addictions F8 Pronounced F8 F8 a D8 with F8
The Soul And The Flesh
A Star Is Miscarried
Pronounced: FATE
a D8 with F88




[Recorded in 2017 with parts created in 2005 & 1998]

Late-March 2017 it dawned that it had been 20 years since Paul grabbed a bass guitar for the first time and created his solo project F8 !
To celebrate this he jumped in to release all the rarities no-one ever got to see or hear (except for a few insiders). In addition to releasing four collections also available here (1997's A D8 With F8, 1998's Pronounced: F8, 1999's Addictions, and 2000's A Star Is Miscarried), to celebrate this two decade anniversary, new tracks were recorded and some resurrected for this, 2017's The Soul And The Flesh.
Very much in the vein of the F8 ethic (but with a few things learned along the way), this five track package includes a homage to porn star Christy Mack, a one minute burst of blasting grinding goodness (with groove), a driving sinful tune, a new improvised seven minute Trancy synth piece (the F8 stamp added with bass embellishment), plus a trippy soundburst.

The beautiful nude cover art is a charcoal drawing by the talented Vernon Swart - www.vernonswart.co.za

Logo and cover design by Paul Blom

1. Chisty Mack (explicit)

Some prefer the quiet, prude housewife; many light up at the thought of a brainy lady where curves don't matter; the unassuming and underestimated fuller figure; athletic; supermodels are an eternal favourite; or the timeless movie starlet...
Then there's the delectable tattooed adult entertainer Christy Mack...

No-one can tell you what your definition of "hot" should be. If this agrees with you, welcome to the club. If you're offended, you're in the wrong place(!)

When creating a homage song, where does one start? Who? What? Where? Just let it rip and see what comes out the other side!

The sequenced backing and beat was programmed in the early-/mid-2000s, and got enhanced with bass guitars and Christy Mack audio samples in 2017.

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Some Christy Mack clips should do just fine!

2. BornTorn

Sometimes you only need a minute to get to the point.
This is one of those moments.
Speedy, Blasty, Grindy!
Passion is a hell of a thing and can tear you apart or have you burning to merge with another (or all of the above).
The two sentence lyrics are curt and blunt, and can be interpreted in many ways - its metaphorical sense is far different to someone taking it literally(!)

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Natural Born Killers
Punch Drunk Love
Hardcore Henry
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Betty Blue
Run Lola Run

3. HypnoGel

While adding a short synth piece to the end of the song Diskonnekt (on the F8 release A Star Is Miscarried), even though there was no time to play around, Paul felt the urge to do so.
The result is HypnoGel, a 7-minute single take improvised synth piece which was then enhanced with some simple but effective clean and distorted bass guitar (naturally!)

Put on some good headphones, administer some HypnoGel, lie back and take a Tekno-Grind trip through the universe.

(Part of the song title revealed itself as a result of something about its mood reminding Paul of a Cape Town club from the early-'90s, 'Gel' - the hypnotic groove of the song expanded it thusly).

Recommended accompanying viewing:
The Cosmos series (original and reboot)

4. Drone [v3.0]

The third Drone chapter builds the rhythmic journey further with on-the-fly live percussion layers.
The original base of this track was programmed and recorded in 1998 (for the Pronounced: FATE album), a second tripped-out version on 2000's A Star Is Miscarried.

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Whiplash, I guess?

5. S!N

Self-appointed moral guardians, and those who believe they have a grasp on the scriptures and as a result "authorized" to condemn whomever they feel are committing sins of whatever kind, can go fuck themselves.
These man-made "sins" are constructs created centuries ago to exercise control.
We all know what is good and bad, what its consequences can be, and should act accordingly. Apply logic and common sense:
Kill someone? Bad.
Feed hungry kids? Good.
Not that difficult.

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Taxi To The Dark Side
Paradise Now
The Seventh Seal
Dugma: The Button
The Exorcist

6. Descend

For the most part we are always bound by the structure, mathematics and eternal beat of music, slave to the internal metronome and click-track (whether listening or creating it).
Here I tried to deliberately thwart that instinct by constructing a total random series of sounds you cannot tap you foot, sway your hips or bang your head to.
(no, it's not Jazz)

This can also be an exercise in imagination as to see what these sounds conjure up in your mind's eye. A David Lynchian segue?
The title? It was the first thing that came to mind - and as it is with these things, may push the listener's thoughts to match it with that sentiment. Or maybe not!

The collected sounds were sequenced around 2004 and the (very seldom used) fretless bass guitar got pulled out to record those bits (in May 2017), trying hard not to play a distinguishing tune or rhythmic pattern.

Recommended accompanying viewing:
The Big Blue


[Recorded in 2000 with some additions in 2017]
In the mid-'90s Paul and Springbok Nude Girls guitarist Theo Crous became friends. (Theo went on to become a renowned producer, co-producing the 2014 Terminatryx "Shadow" album with Paul).
In 1999 Paul borrowed a 4-track recorder from Theo to lay down some songs. Two of these were salvaged and included here (in its analog glory). After laying down beats, a few layers of bass guitar got added. Most songs got lost but two instrumentals were salvaged (not everyone has a cassette deck lying around to convert to digital!).

These two analog tracks are on the lo-fi side, but laced with mood.
The one track was used with various other F8 songs as soundtrack for a short film made by Paul and Sonja (his wife and co-creator of Terminatryx, the South African HorrorFest Film Festival and The Makabra Ensemble). The short film was titled imPERFECTION, and since it only had a working title, it seemed apt to change it to match that of the movie as it's title theme.
In addition to these two analog instrumentals, another shelved song ("Diskonnekt") was resurrected and re-recorded, plus version 2 of Drone, a continuation of the percussion loop cut from 1998's Pronounced: FATE.

The cover image is by renowned South African artist (and Paul's school art teacher in the 1980s!) Vernon Swart - www.vernonswart.co.za

Logo and cover design by Paul Blom


This one consist only of bass guitar tracks layered on a 4-track analog recorder. The bass FX unit used for the delay (which in effect becomes the beat / rhythm) is an Applied Research & Technology Bass Command Center. While in Johannesburg in the late-'90s, Paul acquired this unit from Sugardrive's bassist Gavin Wienand. His large boot soles didn't play along with the one inch foot buttons, so he traded it with Paul for a PlayStation racing game box set!
The moody instrumental went by another title when recorded in 2000, but Paul and Sonja ended up using the song for the opening scene of their 2004 dark short film "imPERFECTION". So the song got renamed accordingly.

Recommended accompanying viewing:
The imPERFECTION short film of course!
However the short film has not been uploaded anywhere yet, but may some time in the future. So if you've seen it at a few film festivals incl. the South African HorrorFest and the Edinburgh / Africa film festival in Scotland, you're one of the lucky few! (scenes from it is also used on the Terminatryx live video backdrop for the song "Medusa").
or you can also check out:
Femme Fatale
Body Heat
Romeo Is Bleeding
Carrie (original)

2. Diskonnekt

We are the personification of duality.
Besides our inner moral compass and conscience, we're torn between life's choices, walking a thin line between falling either way. Societies' expectations, social-, religious-, political- and moral factions also burn expectation onto us.
We all know what is right and wrong, and need to find our way accordingly, teetering that fine balance between chaos and order.
We all sometimes feel like we just want to disconnect from it all and and just "be"...
The beats / programming / percussion layers structure was created in 2000 (and the riff recorded as a demo), the lyrics were written in 2003 and the bass guitars and vocals were re-recorded in 2017).

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Lost Highway
The Dark Half
Dead Ringers
An American Werewolf In London
Black Swan

3. a.c.h.e.

A feeling? An emotion? An acronym?
Sometimes the best way to get out of a situation is not to get into it at all...
(Can you recognize where the VHS movie sample comes from?)

a.c.h.e. is another of the salvaged F8 demo tracks from 2000 (with a programmed looped Roland beat and bass guitar layers). This year Paul met Sonja, his future wife and co-conspirator in projects including Terminatryx.
This is where the F8 legacy morphed into Terminatryx, the experimentation and unconventional composing groove developed there filtering into this band as well.

The track is a melancholic trip reflecting the other side once the party's over.

Recommended accompanying viewing:
The Trip
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Christiane F
The Man With The Golden Arm


4. Drone [v2.0]

The continuation of the brain washing Drone rhythm now has you passing through a wormhole... What do you want to be on the other side?

Warning! : If in a specific state you lock into this, once the song ends, your heart could stop!

Recommended accompanying viewing:
2001: A Space Odyssey


[Recorded 1999]
During 1999 Paul spent a lot of time in Johannesburg (Gauteng) - chances were big of a move there from his born & bred Cape Town. That never happened. While many songs were conceived during this period, none were recorded. The only recordings made were strictly electronic tracks, no bass, no vocals.
The 5 songs were created during a sample / loop / sequence experimentation.
With vocal inspiration absent in the light of these electronic explorations, the idea dawned to make it a themed concept trip around Addictions - each song trapping a mood or feeling relating to some of the addictions which make up the larger part of our human existence, including:

ReBeFa (Religion / Belief / Faith)
LoSeLu (Love / Sex / Lust)
MoGreGa (Money / Greed / Gambling)
NaPhAlDru (Narcotics / Pharmaceuticals / Alcohol / Drugs)
DeOpDoCo (Destruction / Oppression / Domination / Corruption)

They are all pretty self explanatory and the listener can gleam from it, or project onto it what they may. Some elements reflect the mood of these addictions from ominous to elated, while for instance the mission with a track like "MoGreGa" was to create the cheapest, crappiest song possible, and "DeOpDoCo" to spin off the rails.

Believing people are free to choose their own destinies and battles, while neither an indictment or praising any of these, it merely adds a sound to them.
Some are dance-able, some rage-able, some reflective and pensive.

While it is all digital, it has a grit to it, partially because it was not a file transfer or USB linked device, but rather recorded via analog into the DAW (digital audio workstation).

Logo & cover design by Paul Blom

1. ReBeFa (Religion / Belief / Faith)

One can be addicted to more than substances.
The mind is a complex thing that latches onto a myriad of ideas, concepts and constructs. Our bodies are chemical and its fusion with our convictions and obsessions are immense.

Many are addicted to Religion (of any denomination) as they long for salvation or feel the need to follow a righteous path, get entrapped by their own beliefs (whether it has good or bad intentions) resulting in it leading to detrimental actions, and faith is something anyone can hang onto, even when they know a situation is futile. These things make us human.

Recommended accompanied viewing:
The Last Temptation Of Christ
Angel Heart

2. LoSeLu (Love / Sex / Lust)

Not everyone has fallen in love, and many abstain from sex, but even the most pious of self-appointed holy men have felt lust.
These emotions can easily sweep us up and take over our logic, rationality and sanity, as we project a desire onto someone else, their existence becoming our reason to be.
Whether you believe it is our chemical make-up and mere biology, a more spiritual, cosmic connection or ancient link, all of these can be total bliss - but on the flip-side in a blink of an eye can result in total despair.

Recommended accompanied viewing:
The Unbearable Lightness Of Being
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Ai No Corrida (In The Realm Of The Senses)
Immortal Beloved
Basic Instinct
Love Story
Bitter Moon
M Butterfly

3. MoGreGa (Money / Greed / Gambling)

I can't consider myself a full-blown socialist, but I've always felt uncomfortable with too many aspects of the capitalist system.
Money and the lust for it can make people do very stupid, selfish, dangerous and deadly things, risking it all.

The overwhelming majority of most movies have some kind of monetary goal at its core, but recommended accompanied viewing include:
Wall Street
Glengarry Glen Ross
The Big Lebowski
The Godfather

4. NaPhAlDru (Narcotics / Pharmaceuticals / Alcohol / Drugs)

These are the more obvious of the addictions.
Partying is one thing, but when that party favour goes beyond the weekend, infiltrating your every breath, a new dimension is staring you in the face.
Too many believe they have a handle on it, and it doesn't have a hold on them (whatever their favourite poison), convinced they aren't "like those other people"...
Don't be ashamed or afraid to ask for help.
Life has enough pains to add starring into the abyss to your burden, whether you went into it willingly or the substance got a hold of you unexpectedly.

Recommended accompanied viewing:
Requiem For A Dream
Drugstore Cowboy
The Man With The Golden Arm
Up In Smoke
Bad Lieutenant

5. DeOpDoCo (Destruction / Oppression / Domination / Corruption)

A broad one.
Some are addicted to chocolate cake or puppies, others like to feel empowered by damaging, belittling, and destroying others, from a kindergarten bully to a Trump or Kim Jong Un. They have a lust for domination to prove how big they are - going hand in hand with corruption, leading to oppression and destruction not only of societal structures, but entire countries.
From political spheres and the corporate world, down to a small town spat turned into a power struggle.

If you're on the edge, this may push you closer to insanity(!)

Recommended accompanied viewing:
Last Exit To Brooklyn
Doomed Megalopolis
The Dictator (Chaplin, not Cohen)
Apocalypse Now
The Day After
An Inconvenient Truth
Aguirre: The Wrath Of God

F8 - Pronounced: FATE

[Recorded 1998]
After the dark, boomy, lo-fi party of ill discipline that was the first F8 recordings, "A Date With F8" (in 1997), the next chapter of songs took a step up both in the recording quality and the non-improvised planning, production and execution of tracks.

Early 1998 Hennie of Way Cool Records commissioned three F8 tracks for the Way Cool compilation CD (the label releasing local alternative acts like Pothole, Hog Hoggidy Hog and 7th Breed).
But which tracks to pick? There was a stack of works-in-progress to expand.
Hennie found the original recordings of A D8 WITH F8 a little too hard-core, lo-fi and crude for the CD - quite understandably. So he funded the recording of new songs. Approaching friend and vetran engineer Dirk Van Straaten (R.I.P.) to record the songs (at The Music Room Studios in Harrington Street, Cape Town), a total of 7 tracks got squeezed into the allocated recording time (Dirk making some generous allowances to make it happen). 

Narrowing it down to these cuts were no easy task. The super maniacal grinding speed tracks were weeded out and the ones sounding more like "songs" ended up on the hard drive. With the limited budget, the desired effect to make it sound like Tekno-Grind could not be fulfilled. Still, it's not meant to be either techno or grindcore - so that'll piss a few people off - cool. Time constraints also hampered any additional electronic sample experimentation. This might be seen as a work in progress, but it is an entity unto itself, and like each F8 recording, entering an entirely different phase than what came before. Anything can be added and since it's just one guy, his bass and a drum machine, any additions are open for live renditions...except...six string guitars - acoustic or electric.

The Music Room sessions became known as "Pronounced: FATE", partially since many don't realize numbers still have a phonetic value when pronounced and morphing a letter and number can create an existing word. Besides, "F8" looks much cooler than the 4-letter version (and there are inevitably many bands out there with that name). If nothing else, the F8 logo is one fuckin' sexy piece of work! So if the songs don't turn you on, at least you can drool over the sheer brilliance of the logo design (snicker!)

Retrieving these songs after all these years was not easy. Initially this material was backed up onto DAT tape (a digital tape format from the '90s), and like the CDs it was also stored on, these deteriorated over the years!

Logo and cover design by Paul Blom

1. These Hands

"These Hands" takes a cold, hard look at domestic violence, an analysis of hands, their potential to do good, and bad, intentions often so promising but falling apart in a flash.
Each of us has the capacity to be calm and rational... but also to snap and lash out. Not everyone can control that.
Pulsating and gothically emotional.

Recommended accompanying viewing:
The Shining
Once Were Warriors
The Colour Purple
Dolores Claibourne

2. Surfin's Tha Word

"Surfin's Tha Word" is a surfing tune by someone who's never surfed a day in his life! This parody tale chronicles the anguish of a closet surfer stuck up-country in a dry corporate metropolis.
This is the only track with live drums and is a tongue in cheek stab filled with delicious cliches. Very indigenous (with SA locations, colloquialisms and highlighting the coastal Cape Town & landlocked Johannesburg rivalry).
It also reflects the time of its production (1998), referencing high tech like 56K internet modems and a suit & shoes with a thousand buck price tag considered expensive!

The song was created as a homage to friend Honest Gav (Gavin Rabinowitz) who has a love of SKA-Punk flavoured music.

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Big Wednesday
Riding Giants
Blue Hawaii
Point Break (original)

3. Narcoma

"Narcoma" is a 'love song' directed at a beloved in a narcotic coma - a serious, powerful, heartfelt other side of the F8 coin.

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Less Than Zero

4. Handmade Apocalypse

"Handmade Apocalypse" scrutinizes the human race and its idiotic self-destructive urges. A global outcry.
From stupid teens getting hold of firearms (kids and innocent people usually caught in the crossfire), to grown morons running countries with their fingers on the nuke button...

Another less frivolous subject, F8 can cover anything from social and political issues to silly and mundane.
Can you recognize the intro movie sample?

The punky beat of this song also punches into some double bass drum action.
Starting out as a drummer, lugging kit all over the place for over a decade, up stairs, in & out of clubs, from Africa to Europe, replacing costly drum skins and cymbals, the ease, light work and effectiveness of the Roland drum machine was quite a breeze at the time! Didn't sound Metal, but discovering Ministry in the early-'90s, that wasn't so bad as this sound added to that audio milieu of 1998 F8.

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Lord Of War
Bowling For Columbine
Full Metal Jacket
The Wild Bunch
Die Hard
Boyz n' Tha Hood
The Dead Zone

5. Drone [v1.0]

"Drone [v 1.0]" consist of a throbbing programmed drum assault to be expanded, improved and upgraded indefinitely.
A mechanical churning steamroller seemingly without brakes.

This original, embryonic raw state is a 2 minute hypnotic experience of pure nothingness. Only useful when played full blast.
It taps into the listener's rhythmic and mathematical psyche, even allowing you to add anything else inside your head.
Some will slot into it and get locked in, others will scoff and find it absolutely ridiculous! (more versions feature in later F8 releases).

At the one F8 live show ever (thus far) in 1998 as part of the SL Magazine sponsored Oppi Koppi festival Battle Of The Bands, the track's full potential was realized when Paul was joined on stage by Lithium drummer Simon and Springbok Nude Girls guitarist Theo to layer live percussion over the Drone track.

Warning! : If in a specific state you lock into this, once the song ends your heart could stop!

Recommended accompanying viewing:
The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari

6. Disko, in fur? No!

Back to the silly - this is NOT a disco track.
"Disko, in fur? No!" is a rip from start to finish, pointless, meaningless like most disco songs. Besides its title pun throwing in an anti-fur animal welfare statement, the reiteration of very much the same words kind of boils down to what pop songs do, regurgitate very little substance.
Cool, funky, funny and more cowbell than Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken combined! (let me know how many cowbell hits you hear)

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Boogie Nights
Summer Of Sam
Saturday Night Fever
SNL Blue Oyster Cult cowbell skit with Christopher Walken & Will Ferrell

7. SexHex

"SexHex" represents the only Afrikaans track on "Pronounced: FATE". Its first incarnation was "Sexwitch", conceived with Jules a year earlier. But the basic idea linked to a scene from a classic '80s movie got expanded into an entirely different animal
(again, can you guess which flick the intro clip is from?)

The Afrikaans spelling would be "Seks Heks" so coincides phonetically.

Tongue-in-cheek and depraved without being (too) crude.
Harder than some hard-dance tracks it includes some hilarious cheezy lyrics and a chest punching beat, complete with backward messages!

This is one of the only F8 tracks ever to get an official release as part of the "Kopskoot!" heavy Afrikaans compilation album (translated: Headshot!)
More info on the 16-track CD at www.flamedrop.com/kopskoot

Recommended accompanying viewing:
The Witches Of Eastwick
Conan The Barbarian
Mother Of Tears
Black Sunday

8. This Minute

This closer is not a song, but a reflection.

Within this minute, someone is being raped, a loved one murdered, a child, spouse or slave labourer abused, people starving, freezing, neglected, abused, contracting HIV... There are 60 minutes in an hour, 1440 in a day, 43200 in a month... you can do the math... what are you going to do about it?

When there's a tragedy, we observe a minute of silence. That means we should be doing so all day long...(!)
Each minute that slips by is gone forever and within those 60 seconds, unheard of atrocities play itself out around every corner while we stand by and watch (or silently ignore, having our own problems to deal with).
Humanity gets sucked further down the freaking tubes and it is up to us to make a difference.
The sound of this one minute thunderstorm is fraught with metaphors which you can formulate for yourself (depending if you're a glass half-full or half-empty personality).
Let this minute be one yielding more positivity than negativity - If every day we take a minute to think about our planet and fellow inhabitants without getting on our high horses of condemnation, maybe one day we can discard having to stop for a minute's silence.

Originally this was a completely silent track, but when a thunderstorm cloud burst hit in the midde of a ape Town drought, it seemed very apt to record and use it in stead of no audio (which will blow over the listener unless this info is read, or have someone think the track's defective).

Recommended accompanying viewing:
The daily news

F8 - a D8 with F8

[Recorded 1997]
This is the first audio atrocity by F8. This debut incarnation was recorded straight to analog 4-track, semi-improvised single takes, no overdubs or post-prod(!). Dirty, grindy, boomy, lo-fi madness.

With V.O.D (Voice Of Destruction) on hold, the members on different continents, drummer Paul got itchy to create some tunes. Hence he became Pablo Priest, venturing into a musical realm completely dependent on his input alone - no pressure or obligation to stick to a certain sound, style, genre or identity.
The plinky-plonky mess around on the new bass guitar had to head somewhere. It ended up getting its first immortalizing on mess-around live 4-track recordings at 50 Bloem Street, home of Jules & Vern. Here the bedroom studio of Jules tasted the first incarnation which would end being F8.

Neighbours aside, the volume had to be cranked. Drum patterns were programmed & run, the rest pretty much improvised over it. Just the simplistic idea of a main riff became the basics, Jules punching in sample soundFX & Vern belching vocals and Paul adding screams where it was deemed fit (ie. anywhere!).
With a so-fucking-what attitude there were no thoughts of ever releasing the cacophony songs like "I'm A Booza!" and "The Nellie Song", which was just plain Saturday afternoon fun (while others watched rugby or beat people up at beach barbecues). "Kept us out of trouble" as the old folk would say. But, it couldn't have come to its original fruition without the cheap Vodka aide!

But the lo-fi psychosis, chaos-with-a-semblance-of-structure resulted in "!!speeed!!", "Dr Faustus", "Karnival DeGrind" and "Vernie Get Me A Drink" becoming the definitive first tracks to comprise A D8 WITH F8.

Pablo's symmetry obsession when it comes to logo design (see his V.O.D and Terminatryx logos), the balanced F and 8 combo was obvious, and got realized in these very early days.

Logo and cover design by Paul Blom

1. !!!speeed!!!

A subversive blast of mayhem, depicting a speed binge (complete with mid-way snort!)
One of the first tracks recorded by the trio of Paul, Werner and Julian.

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Tetsuo The Iron Man
Hobo With A Shotgun
Tokyo Gore Police

2. Dr. Faustus

One of the many movies Paul brought back from the UK (on VHS!) in 1997 included Jan Svankmajer's brilliant "Faust".
Paul had a beat and a riff and inspired by the movie, Werner added lyrics - Mostly improvised, you'll have to track Werner down and ask him what all the lyrics are(!)

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Jan Svankmajer's Faust

3. Vernie, Get Me A Drink

The first F8 recordings / mess-abouts / improvising usually went down on a Saturday at Bloem Street, and was usually accompanied by (controlled) bouts of party nectar. In this situation, Paul's drink was finished and he decided to request Werner (aka Vernie) to replenish and rectify the situation, while recording!
Short, (not so) sweet and to the point.

Cheers! Prost! Bottoms up! Gesondheid!

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Withnail & I
Leaving Las Vegas
The World's End
Under The Volcano
Bad Santa

4. Karnival DeGrind

Paul programmed a silly beat to go with an up-tempo little riff (on the distorted bass guitar, of course).
The beat had a bit of a carnival vibe to it, and without any vocals, the song gave birth to its own title!
For this single live take, in addition to soundFX, Julian punched in a movie sample at the beginning and rolled it again halfway through - Can you identify the flick?

Recommended accompanying viewing:
Killer Klowns From Outer Space
John Carpenter's Assault On Precinct 13

The Hangover

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