PlayStation 2 - not just one monster of a games console, but a sexy piece of sci-fi hardware.
(February 2001)



The whole package - tasty or what?

The PS2 console (in its slick upright position with optional designer footstands), 8MB memory card and hot Dual Shock control.

Not only can you play even more advanced games with smooth, delicious graphics, but this baby also has DVD capabilities for next generation movie experience and future internet compatibility.

Enough to enhance any entertainment centre to a whole new level.


Still as effective and groovy as its inception after it boosted the very first PlayStation console, here the Dual Shock's vibration spills over into its super cool new black finish.


In its traditional horizontal position, the PS2 console is still one sexy little piece of machinery.

Here you can see it with all of it's slots and ports ready to get plugged in.


Even the PS logo can be rotated depending on which position you prefer her.


The genius of the original PlayStation's memory card is still a presence - but even more so than before.

She now boasts a full 8MB of memory to trap your best moments and hang on to your last triumph to be taken up later after you get silly necessities like work and sleep out of the way.

Looking like a space gun magazine, this memory card packs as much punch when it comes to home gaming.

So, what the figgin' hell are you waiting for?