At Flamedrop we believe that even the slightest effort still deserves some merit, therefor no review can get less than 1 out of 6. (If it does - and who knows, that supershiter might still be out there - it has to be one hell of a stinker!). The fact that someone managed to raise the money to make their movie or get into a studio and record, takes a certain amount of effort that cannot be slagged. Stars are always out of five and halves suck. A scale of 6 is far better for an inbetween score. The A B C system works like this: If a production of any kind can enjoy multiple viewings or listens, it gets an A. For a possible return, it gets a B, while one go is enough it gets rewarded with a C. So, a film or CD might be a masterpiece but will not necessarily make an enjoyable multi-viewing / listening experience: it gets awarded a 6/C. A Crap movie can sometimes be watched over and over again, giving it a 1/A.
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