THE BEATLES - The First U.S. Visit

At the genesis of their overwhelming European success,
The Beatles had yet to conquer America. Any doubts were thrown out the window when they landed, the fans mobbing the scene wherever they went. This documentary was shot on short notice by the Maysles brothers and in the process pioneered a new music documentary style, following the band everywhere like a fly on the wall. This trip sees the boys in their youthful un-jaded years, blown away by the people's response. With on- and off-stage footage, parties, hotel rooms, meeting other stars, interviews, trains and the Ed Sullivan show (which beamed the Fab Four into 73 million living rooms), this incredible slice of history is worth having. The film also contains a feature length commentary track by Albert Maysles as well as a Making Of documentary running almost an hour, shedding even more light on this world-changing phenomenon.

5 / A
- PB

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