THE CURE - Greatest Hits

With eccentric frontman
Robert Smith leading the way, these Alternative stalwarts have recorded some truly amazing songs and found an audience amoung Indie as well as Goth fans since 1979(!). Their strange melange of dementia, beauty and tackiness amid an alternative rock core is further expanded by their unique character, the videos accompanying the songs also reflecting a distinct quality true to them. This is mainly due to the fact that Tim Pope directed most of them. The predominantly distinct low budget looks glazing all the videos is enhanced by the bleak look and harsh, flat lighting with a spaced out angst inherent in the themes, even in their lighter, more up beat numbers. Whether it's songs from their fresh faced youth to their current puffy state, the videos include a bunch of unforgettables like the classic Boys Don't Cry, the classic Alternative sound of A Forest, the cheezy Let's Go To Bed, silly Love Cats, the creepy Lullaby, the theatric Friday I'm In Love, the moving Close To You or the loony costumed Why Can't I Be You? Songs like The Walk, Lovesong, Never Enough, Inbetween Days, Wrong Number and Cut Here add up to the 18 videos on this DVD. Bonus features include weblinks with hidden songs and an unplugged session of 6 tunes incl. versions of A Forest, Lullaby & Just Say Yes, also serving as a timeline to see how Smith has aged - his voice and their abilities on the other hand still firmly in tact. Still relevant living legends, The Cure continue to play live (mid-2002) and don't be surprised if they still release many more albums in the future.

This previously released video collection is now jacked up with a double CD added!

5 / A
- PB

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