This particular DVD is one of those where the factions collide. You get
Pink Floyd fans, but then within this group you have pro-Waters and pro-Gilmour sects. Their differences needn't be ours, so enjoying their collaborative efforts and solo endeavours respectively can only result in you gaining 1/3 more music pleasure than you would have, had you shunned one for the other. If you don't like either of them, nor Pink Floyd, then why the hell are you reading this?! On this DVD you'll find 16 tracks from the Meltdown and Royal Festival Hall concerts (2002). The songs performed are taken from the new and old Pink Floyd repertoire, Gilmour himself and covers of tracks, Dimming Of The Day, Breakthrough and Sherman's Hushabye Mountain. The French, choir driven Je Crois Entendre Encore by Bizet, is a nice touch. The choir injects some beautiful moments throughout the already marvelous batch of music. The Pink Floyd related tunes include Shine On You Crazy Diamond (pts 1-8), Comfortably Numb, Wish You Were Here, Coming Back To Life, Smile, High Hopes plus Sid Barrett's Terrapin and Dominoes. Guests appear on Comfortably Numb at both shows - Bob Geldof (who starred as Pink in The Wall movie) doing one of them - other guests include Richard Wright & Robert Wyatt. Then there's Michael Kamen shines on piano & English Horn. The backing band also include cello and double bass worked into the electric band, fleshing it out that much more. While on the fleshing-out subject, Gilmour would've been an attractive older guy had he not expanded substantially over the years. Extras include Spare Digits - extra bits of music from the show. Home Movie rehearsing with the choir. A High Hopes choral version. I Put A Spell On You with Mica Paris & Jools Holland ('92). The track Don't from the Leiber and Stoller tribute concert (2001). Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 with music by Michael Kamen. Lyrics sheets for all of the tracks can also be accessed.

4 / B
- PB

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