The History Of IRON MAIDEN Part 1:
The Early Years

Love them or hate them, you cannot deny the stature and influence of Britain's biggest Heavy Metal band, having rocked for around a quarter century! This fascinating DVD takes you deep into the origins of this phenomenal act. Presented on two discs, it offers a bunch of great digs into the vault. A feature length documentary includes interviews with many of the past members as you're taken through the ups and downs of bassist Steve Harris's mission to get the band he envisioned off the ground, rising from pub gigs to stadiums across the globe. There's a cool 1981 black & white TV documentary of the band as they released their first album (pretty much kick-starting the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal of which Lars Ulrich from
Metallica was highly influenced). You get never before seen footage, old archive video and three live shows from '81-'83, seeing the meteoric climb to one of the top rock acts out of the UK, and subsequently the world. The shows include their first concert video, Live At The Rainbow (with their vocalist from the 1st two albums, Paul Di'Anno), Beast Over Hammersmith (a previously unseen show with Di'Anno's brilliant replacement Bruce Dickinson), plus a huge breakthrough headlining show, Live In Dortmund. Interviews with record company staff, mile-long line-up changes, the birth of their cover mascot Eddie, reminiscence, problems, old stills, live TV appearances and 5 promo videos are included: Women In Uniform, Run To The Hills, The Number Of The Beast, The Trooper, Flight Of Icarus. Other extras include photo galleries, artwork, tour programmes, Steve's diary and more. I can't help being facetious, but I smiled at the subtitle option for the 'hard of hearing' - for fans who attended too many shows getting blasted by decibels? After watching this, you're itching for the release of Part 2 to the story behind this colossal band (who are still cool, mild-mannered guys who play the kind of music they choose).

6 / B
- PB

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