- Visions Of The Beast

Too often too many people scoff at
Iron Maiden as over the hill rockers who want to cling onto their youth. On the contrary, while they are no longer kids, these guys still have so many great songs left in them and can put many young acts to shame on stage. With over 50 million albums sold, do you want to argue? As probably the most successful British Heavy Metal band, the Iron Maiden phenomenon has been both a fun and intriguing one for several decades. Collecting all the Eddie posters at school still feels like yesterday. Having gone through three vocalists (the original Paul Diano, the ultimate Bruce Dickenson and filler Blaize Bailey), they haven't lost momentum, especially with Bruce back in the saddle and better than ever. This double DVD offers the fan every single Maiden promo clip from 1980 through to their headlining Rock In Rio performance of 2001. Expect the vintage numbers like Women In Uniform and Wrathchild as well as the essential Run To The Hills and Number Of The Beast. The Trooper, Aces High, Wasted Years, Stranger In A Strange Land, The Clairvoyant and Tailgunner include some of the tracks on disc one. Disc two gives you everything from Be Quick Or Be Dead and Fear Of the Dark to Man On The Edge, Virus, The Wicker Man and Brave New World. With varying production values, live footage and professionally shot promo clips, it doesn't get more concise than this. Together with the Rock In Rio live double DVD set, you're pretty much Iron Maidened for a while. One thing you can't hold against the band is the fact that they really give the fans their all. This DVD set includes over 30 of their unforgettable songs (every video ever shot), clocking in at a whopping 180 minutes. 40 minutes of hidden and extra footage won't leave the Maiden fan dissatisfied. It also features Camp Chaos animated versions of 6 Iron Maiden classics. Nifty packaging makes it that much more attractive, even though some grannies might still think that the band's Eddie mascot is the incarnation of evil. It's only rock & roll, gran!

6 / A
- PB

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