The biggest Canadian rock band of recent years even made a considerable impact in this little market known as South Africa. With this DVD you'll get to know the band a little better. There are music videos & making-of's, behind the scenes footage and more (yes, How You Remind Me is also included!). Footage from their tour show them on & off-stage, checking out new countries in their separate time etc. A bit of arrogance also slips through eg. where they refer to their tour as something in the area of a mere jaunt to pop into different countries to collect yet another gold recordů The creation, co-ordination, filming and vision mixing of the live show presented on the disc hold some enlightening pieces, especially for those interested in how something like this is put together.
Nickelback ploughs through their set effortlessly. One of the highlights of the performance is the guest appearance by Alice In Chains guitarist (and now solo artist) Jerry Cantrell.

3 / B
- PB

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