PANTERA - 3 Vulgar Videos From Hell

Those who are familiar with the precise and intense Metal craft of these four Cowboys From Hell are as much in for a surprise as those who are not. For a start,
Pantera is a real fan's band. They live for their supporters and the proof is in this DVD - they didn't re-release their three crazy home videos as individual discs to cash in triplicate. Nope, they crammed them all onto one disc and even added extra live footage from their stint in Russia. About 250 minutes of total chaos, anarchy and extreme off the wall silliness ranging from truly hilarious to infantile. Their first Cowboys From Hell video is pretty much an introduction to an enthusiastic alcohol and testosterone fuelled band showing a shitload of potential. Expect a lot of drunken babbling, especially from vocalist Phil. By the Vulgar Video stage in their career they'd gone through the roof, in more ways than one. Playing huge shows & festivals with crazed fans fuelling their fire, Pantera get up to a whole lot of on-the-road madness. Drinking, smashing backstage areas and hotel rooms, pulling practical jokes and just getting absolutely, ludicrously nuts. Oh, yes and don't forget a whole lotta' cussin'. This will offend many viewers, unless you see the humour of it all. Sure, there are loads of live clips as well as music videos to selected tracks. Their 3rd video, entitled "3", brings all of this excess to a head as they take it even further. One mad scenario follows the other and just when you think it can't be taken another step, they do. Their Kiss obsession comes around in many ways, from tribute make-up shows to Kiss tunes in the background. Encounter a horde of characters working with them and those who cross their path on the road, as well as fellow metal colleagues like Type O Negative, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Crowbar, Tommy Lee (Mötley Crue), Rob Halford (ex-Judas Priest), Black Sabbath members and Skid Row - and of course, Kiss! With all of your senses assaulted like this you can't help but love it, even when they get really disgusting in the most original, cliché and true rock & roll ways. There is far too much activity on here to get into, so do yourself a favour and buy this DVD. It can't get more behind the scenes than this - and then the music is kick-ass to top it all!

6 / A
- PB

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