PLACEBO - Soulmates Never Die:
Live In Paris 2003

The alternative pop-rock trio of
Placebo's unique style and sound sets them apart from most of their colleagues and contemporaries. The simplicity, catchy nature and dark slant make them an irresistible unit, which in this live concert ignites the stage with their huge sound and presence, the lighting design also a character. The 21 songs include the explosive opening instrumental Bullet Proof, and favourites Plasticine, Bitter End, Soulmates, Black-Eyed, Special Needs, English Summer Rain, Without You I'm Nothing, Special K, Taste In Men, Peeping Tom, Pure Morning and the closing number, their Pixies cover of Where Is My Mind? (with Mr. Frank Black joining them on stage!) Some of the songs get French lyric interpretations (like Protégé Moi), really getting the already enthusiastic Parisian crowd on their cozy side. The DVD contains an exclusive and intriguing documentary on the Sleeping With Ghosts tour. A tremendous show with a variety of emotional tonalities.

5 / B
- PB

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