RAMMSTEIN - Live Aus Berlin

If you don't know who these guys are by now, it's time you got updated. For one,
Rammstein is not your average German act. Secondly they are hardly commercially geared, yet have throngs of fans. They do however have the ability to create dark, powerful electronically sparked metal, combining this with a phenomenal stage show. If you've seen xXx, they are the band performing in the club scene, with the cool flame throwing mouthpieces. Flames are a big part of their imagery, both in videos and on stage. Besides explosions and flamethrowers, deep voiced frontman Till Lindeman's chain-male coat is often set on fire, the guitarists' microphone stands also prone to combustion. Besides the good lighting, their costumes are themed and often otherworldly. When it comes to the visual aspect, it is essential, but there's more to it here than the gimmick. Their music is absolutely cool, powerful and infectious, fluctuating between lyrical and intense. This 6-piece managed to find an audio-visual balance, neither outweighing the other. Originally available on video, this incredible live show performed in Berlin before the turn of the millennium is now available at a very attractive price on DVD in South Africa, featuring some of their precision pre-Mutter tracks. They include Spiel Mit Mir, Bestrafe Mich, Du Riechst So Gut, Sehnsucht, Du Hast, Engel, Heirate Mich and that splendid tune, Rammstein (used very effectively in David Lynch's stunning film Lost Highway). They close the show with the pensive Seemann. One needn't understand German to get the message (which makes the theatrical aspect speak on other levels as well). Till's fake phallus used on the Family Values Tour with Korn doesn't feature here. Silly Mexican sombreros do, however - the only low point (but while it does prove they have a sense of humour, it detracts from the dark, severe and serious mood). Extra features include an interview with the band (which will prove to those who only know them via rumours that they are hardly demons) and three songs to be viewed in multi-camera mode. If you want to catch up on your German, view the lyric subtitles. The new 5.1 mix adds to the stadium size live experience - and what an experience it is!

6 / A
- PB

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