ROBBIE WILLIAMS - Live At The Albert

Mr Williams is quite a flamboyant little fop. But, to a certain extent he's earned the right. Selling millions of albums worldwide and increasing in popularity each time, this ex-
Take That boy seems the only one from that now defunct boy group to actually get somewhere as a solo artist. His last album Swing When You're Winning (as opposed to his previous Sing When You're Winning record), takes a nostalgic trip back to the cool-daddy swingin' tunes of the likes of the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr.). It proves just how timeless these songs are, and it helps that Robbie is really into it as opposed to using it as a marketing attention-getter (as it could flop or lead a resurgence in the appreciation of these classics). This DVD contains a Robbie photo gallery, footage from the studio recording (where most of these cool cats recorded theirs). Behind the scenes footage is all over the place with little interview snippets thrown in. Then of course there is the elaborate show, complete with full orchestra, dancers, guest singers & more. This impressive single sold out performance could easily have the Robbie-hater gain more respect for him (whether you like his sense of humour or not). A fine production with lovely packaging.

4 / B
- PB