- The Robbie Williams Show

With a record breaking multi-million dollar contract behind him and a new album,
Robbie decided to make his first live performance in a year a spectacular one. With the 007 soundstage at Pinewood Studios as the locale, giant sets were erected, immaculate lighting rigged, the full band, orchestra & dancers rehearsed and a few hundred lucky fans invited to witness the entertainer strutting his stuff (a mere 450). The show includes a bunch of songs from his old stuff, his Swing covers and new ones. Angels, Rock DJ, Mr. Bo Jangles and Feel just some of the tunes. In this slick show Robbie connects far more with his audience than before, the more intimate centre stage bringing him face to face with his audience as he's chatting away, joking, letting his wit shine through. He actually started playing guitar and does so live. Mr. Robert Williams is in fact a flamboyant entertainer with real talent and an obnoxious streak, his boyband roots still back on the horizon, but almost forgotten as he cut himself a new image, life and lucrative career - all without (seemingly) giving up too much of who he really is. Besides the immaculate digital sound, the DVD extras include: a Photo Gallery with pics by Hamish Brown; 4 unseen tracks from the show; follow-the-lights game giving you extra footage (which is a little lean around the waste). Like his Albert Hall show, this DVD is snazzily packaged, without being too elaborate.

5 / B
- PB

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