- What We Did Last Summer

This spectacular three night open-air performance at Knebworth added up to 375 000 screaming
RW fans getting exactly what they came for - a damn good time. Becoming his own man and one of Britain's biggest stars over several albums, Robbie has made his mark, thoroughly leaving the Take That memories behind him, growing up and coming to terms with many things in his life. With the well-crafted pop & roll and ballad favourites (from Let Me Entertain You to Angels) co-written by Guy Chambers, Robbie and his band set the stage alight (which boasts an incredible sectional motion operated screen set-up with striking visuals). His in between banter covers being generally silly to awestruck at the turnout. Extra features on the 2nd disc include a documentary, fan video diaries, time-lapse set-up & breakdown of the stage, photo galleries, a conscientious short film about child trafficking narrated by Williams and a game to unlock extra footage (which includes a punked-up live version of a Take That hit with ex co-member Mark Owen as guest artist).

5 / B
- PB

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