SLIPKNOT - Disasterpieces

From the obscure American state of Iowa to one of the most explosive metal acts of the new millennium,
Slipknot certainly ploughed their rewards back into one fucking phenomenal live show to accompany their second album, named after their home state. In case you have no idea who I'm talking about, this is the 18-legged grotesquely masked & matching over-all wearing musical assassins who combine the fury of guitars, drums and bass guitar with samples, turntables and additional extravagant percussion into a wall of ferociously infectious sound. Even though they only have two albums to their name thus far, there are plenty of incredible tunes packed into this live show at the London Arena, each a gem in its own right. This totally killer double DVD offers an eye-popping live performance from the tight 9-man metal machine with all the energy, intensity, brutality and stage props to make this one of the live shows of the year. Disasterpieces also include music videos (like Spit It Out's The Shining homage and the rare animated video to Wait And Bleed) and extra bits like a bonus unavailable audio track (Purity) to satisfy the maggots' insatiable hunger for more of this sharp-as-a-knife outfit that put some spectacle back into live music (hydraulics and spinning drum risers!). In between you get to see the band's preparation, sound checks as well as first person view on stage - each of them having a small camera mounted on their masks! The Menus are stylishly designed, furthermore enhancing the mood and impact of this must-have package.

6 / A
- PB

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