THE WALL - Live In Berlin
Special Edition

While this is pretty much the same DVD released in 2003, the only real difference is the new packaging, new animated menus, an altered art gallery and the option to listen to isolated audio extracts. The same documentary is used while this new edition excludes unused footage shot for projections. If you already own the original DVD release, getting this one will be a double buy (unless you're a big fan who wants all the bits & pieces.
Below follows the original review.

During the fall of the Berlin Wall, the ever conscientious
Roger Waters saw the opportunity to set up his classic Pink Floyd rock opera with enormous scale and impact on this significant location before hundreds of thousands spectators (and broadcast to 300 million viewers worldwide!). Mid-1990, a year after the wall's demise, the intense production planning and calling in of a string of high profile guest artists and musicians, Postdamer Platz (the notorious stretch between the divided city) came to life in unity, with one of the most spectacular shows you're likely to see (even a decade later). Some of the guest artists include German rockers Scorpions, Ute Lemper, Sinead O'Connor, Cyndi Lauper, The Band, Joni Mitchell, Bryan Adams, Paul Carrack, Van Morrison and Thomas Dolby, with actors Tim Curry, Albert Finney plus many more. A documentary on the monstrous production points out some interesting bits like the conflict with Sinead O'Connor, the marching band and the cold war history itself. One of the many triumphs includes the systematic building of a gigantic wall, which has the incredible animation and artwork of Gerald Scarfe projected onto the huge canvas, dwarfing the musicians. Enormous inflatable crane operated character figures are also incorporated to staggering effect. In a mind-blowing finale the erected wall is torn down - a jaw dropping vision. Additional material includes set- and character design, animations, previously unseen footage plus a 12-page booklet with notes by executive producer Tony Hollingsworth. A truly historic show coupled with a significant globe-altering historic event.

6 / A
- PB

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