BUSted: The Definitive DVD

AAF seemed to have dropped off the map, and the last thing we expected was a DVD. They had several rock hits, including Movies and the rock cover of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. With a touch of the geeky rock ethic (especially in vocalist Dryden) and bassist Tye constantly pulling stupid unfunny faces (funny only in his mind), they can be a bit grating at times. But then the often good songs make up for it. The video to Jackson’s hit features some classic MJ video parodies while others go for a total low budget shot-on-video look. You also get alternate video versions like two previous videos for Movies (before they took off and more money was thrown in for a bigger budget clip). One is the obligatory house party clip, the other a studio shoot. These Days is quite funny, with AAF crashing the B.E.T. awards from across the road on a building’s rooftop. You also get a version where they infiltrate a Justin Timberlake appearance revealing themselves on the back of a truck, blasting their song at the flummoxed Timberlake fans, as well as crashing (and joining in on) a gay pride march. Besides all their music videos, there is a live show in Germany with a dozen tunes, as well as an explicit road documentary (with puking, nudity etc.).
With on the road bus stupidity often reaching dizzy moronic heights, it doesn’t always get filmed. Here they have no shame and include all of the balls, dicks & spread butt cheeks – probably funny at the time of pointing the video camera, but no doubt that will make them blush years down the line.

4 / B
- PB

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