CORINNE BAILEY RAE – Live In London & New York

This double disc release contains Corinne’s live DVD shot in London (incorporating strings), and a live CD (recorded in New York). The dozen songs of soulful pop is very hard to offend. The more radio aimed track Put Your Records On is mostly contrasted by more laid back, smooth numbers and love songs. She also plays guitar on Till It Happens To You, Like A Star and Butterfly. You also get an interesting and unexpected interpretation of the
Led Zeppelin track Since I’ve Been Loving You, and they don’t hold back on the guitars.
Other songs include Call Me When You Get This, Trouble Sleeping, Breathless, Enchantment, I’d Like To, ‘Choux Pastry Heart’, and Seasons Change.
Behind the scenes documentary footage & video clips (Put Your Records On, Trouble Sleeping, Like A Star, I’d Like To) make up the extras.

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