– The Abbey Road Sessions

Like Jack Johnson (who also signed him to his record label), Frankenreiter started out a surfer. Their expression in the ocean waves turning to sound waves. This DVD of Frankenreiter’s performance at the legendary Abbey Road Studios features over a dozen live tunes, like What ‘Cha Know About, Our Love, Fool, So Far Away, On My Mind, Butterfly, Call Me Papa, Make You Mine, Free, and It Don’t Matter. You also get 3 multi-angle tracks and rehearsal footage. The documentary segment takes a little glimpse at the trip to London and exposes a bit of Donovan’s personal side with his wife and boy Hendrix (named after Jimi). Frankenreiter seems to be turning more and more ‘70s with a fat ‘tach and bushy long hair. A mellow, folk-flavoured acoustically fuelled rock trip with quite a vibe.

4 / B
- PB

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