EURYTHMICS – Ultimate Collection

The ‘80s saw the explosion of electronic pop duos. One of the most memorable was of course the
Eurythmics (who recently reformed for another go). With the music of Dave Stewart and the phenomenal voice of Annie Lennox, they set the charts alight around the world. This Ultimate Collection DVD contains their hits across the decades and you would of course expect the likes of the classic Sweet Dreams (even covered by Marilyn Manson), Love Is A Stranger, Who’s That Girl?, There Must Be An Angel, Would I Lie To You?, and Thorn In My Side. The18 track disc also includes I Saved The World Today, When Tomorrow Comes, It’s Alright, and I Need A Man. Unfortunately, as it goes with these pop collections, there is no supplementary documentary footage or extras. Sometimes it is for the better, allowing you to enjoy the music for the music’s sake, let the nostalgia do it for you, and not delve too deeply into its mechanisms.

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