- The Best Of Glastonbury 1994-2004

This DVD covers some of the musical highlights of the last decade in this festival's popular lifespan. The track listing is random, but you can view them in chronological year order as well. From 1994 you get a smooth
Blur and krusty, tripped-out didgeridoo-strapping Levellers. '95 saw Elastica and '96 was either below par or the fest was cancelled that year! 1997 was great with both the Prodigy and Radiohead included. Placebo acts as a counter balance for popster Robbie Williams in '98. For 1999 Manic Street Preachers and Fun Lovin' Criminals were selected. The year 2000 sees the most choices, Travis, Moby and the Chemical Brothers (while I love them, I just can't help but smile at the superstar DJ thing of two guys basically standing around in front of a wall of electronics, mixing desks, FX modules and wires, pretty much just looking like their nodding to their CDů). 2001 is also omitted, but Faithless, Ash, and Coldplay had the crowd raving in 2002. Both Supergrass and Primal Scream proved in 2003 that they were still entities on the music scene and last year (2004) gets a bit of an anti-climax, but a cult one at that with Paul McCartney doing Hey Jude. Basement Jaxx represent the modern sound and in contrast with Chemical Brothers have a full band with singers. Franz Ferdinand were meant to be included but clearance problems had them removed from the track listing. The opening titles of the DVD contain a riff from The Hives, but they're not to be seen unfortunately. Extras include a look at the old trippy hippie Glastonbury Fayre film from 1971, an aerial view of the fest (which is only of significance if you've ever actually been there), a tour of the various green earth themed areas and an interview with the original organizers in 1995 (Michael & Jean Eavis).

5 / B
- PB

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