GORILLAZ – Demon Days Live

Presented by the Manchester International Festival (a bi-annual event), the cartoon animation of
Gorillaz is made flesh with this full performance of the Demon Days album. The full record gets performed in its track order complete with guests, including Last Living Souls, Kids With Guns (with Neneh Cherry), Dirty Harry (with Booty Brown), Feel Good Inc. (with De La Soul), Every Planet We Reach Is Dead (with Ike Turner), November Has Come, White Light, Dare (with Sean Ryder), Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head (with Dennis Hopper’s voice-over) and Demon Days (with the Manchester Gospel Choir that also appear on several other tracks). Two extra songs include Hong Kong (with Gu-Zheng on Chinese sitar) and Latin Simone (with a posthumous recording of Ibrahim Ferrer on screen). A string section further expands the experience. Throughout the screen projections contain all of the expected Gorillaz elements, including the characters, animation, artwork, video extracts and graphics. These projections can also be viewed individually. By now it is no secret that Damon Albarn from Blur is one of the main driving forces behind this innovative act, and while the band is in shadows for the entire performance, he steps out front to wild cheering for the Hong Kong track.

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