HEINZ WINCKLER – Live In Concert

A large portion of the music listening public expected the first South African Idols winner to dwindle as quickly as he rose, but the young Mr. Winckler’s longevity seems to be a reality (and his image has been jacked up a touch).
With the myriad of performers, posers and true artists thrust at us, we’re very hard to please. We either find these pop and rock personalities too vain or modest, too arrogant or humble, way too pleasant and polite, or far too rude and maybe even dangerous. Clean cut, nice guy
Heinz naturally falls on the positive end of that spectrum, and you know, in a world where notoriety precedes talent and controversy overshadows substance, we need guys like him to maintain the balance. On this live show, Heinz gives his fans songs like Another Day, Wrong, The Way It Is, Can’t Lose With You, In My Eyes, Stop, Thank You, Back Together, and Moment Of Truth.

Extra features: three music videos, photo gallery, interviews, behind the scenes footage.

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