HELMUT LOTTI – The Crooners

In case you missed Helmut’s recent SA visit, this DVD may calm your nerves.
Like other music artists along the lines of
BZN, the Belgium singer doesn’t let an album slip by without an accompanying TV special, utilizing marvelous locations. In this link up to his Crooners double album, Lotti lends his interpretation to songs made famous by the Sinatra, Cole, Armstrong, Crosby, Martin, and Como clan. The two dozen songs include everything from Hello Dolly, Mona Lisa, Smile, and Blue Moon, to Everybody Loves Somebody, Moon River, I Wonder, and That’s Amore. Lotti’s own songs also feature - How Could I Ever Forget You, Are You Sure, The Train Of Love, Full Speed Ahead, I Don’t Know How To Love You, You Will Love Again, There’s A Sparkle In Your Eyes, Stop Looking In Her Eyes, Take It With A Smile, I Wonder, The Most Expensive Girl, I’m So Lucky To Sing. The live concert features a full orchestra with the occasional in between location clips like New York and parts of Europe. While Helmut Lotti cannot exactly be labeled as the hippest cat around, there’s no denying the man can sing and has a huge worldwide following.
Guests sharing the stage with him include Laura Seys, Hayley Westenra, and Isabella Adam. Additional songs, a photo gallery and discography of his dozen albums come as extras.

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