IRON MAIDEN – Live After Death

Man, how time flies! I still have the vinyl double album of this groundbreaking show from one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious Metal bands – reaching this status with grueling tours and no radio airplay at the time (and still going strong). This special double DVD release includes a full killer show from their ’84-‘85 World Slavery Tour on the back of one of my favourite Maiden albums, Powerslave, with classics like The Trooper, Revelations, Number Of The Beast, Aces High, Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner, Powerslave, Hallowed Be They Name, Running Free and more. The Egyptian themes stage set-up, giant monsters (including the ever-present Eddie) and FX made this quite a show at the time.
Far too often distributors merely slap the version which got a VHS release back in the day onto DVD without the effort of adding anything new for the fans. When it comes to Iron Maiden, they surely give their fans all if not more.
The double disc features loads of extra footage, interviews and videos, including a documentary on the tour, and two extra live shows/documentaries of an hour each: Behind The Iron Curtain and Rock In Rio ‘85.
Sure, the mullets and spandex outfits may seem funny today, and they may not be the fastest or the loudest band, but they are certainly rock legends with unforgettable songs and one of the most consistent bands that always deliver.

5 / A
- Paul Blom

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