- A Weekend At The Greek

Directed by Emmett & Brendan Maloy, the Brushfire clan has now fully entered the film realm with this concert movie. Mr. Chill and his pals give their fans a DVD packed with live tracks and interview clips. The double disc features the live performances on the 19th & 20th August 2005 at The Hearst Greek Theatre, in Berkeley, California, as well as Live In Japan. The first show features over two dozen pieces - there's Never Know, Gone, From Cuba To Tribe,
an In Between Dreams Medley, Sitting Waiting Wishing, Flake, Breakdown, Sad To Know You're Wasting My Time, Staple It Together, If I Could, Inaudible Melodies, Rodeo Clown, Mudfootball, Plastic Jesus / Fall Line / Spring Wind, No Other Way, and Girl I Wanna Lay You Down. The extra section includes Constellations, and bits with the opening acts
Matt Costa and ALO (Animal Liberation Organization). Guests include the abovementioned acts as well as Dan Lebowitz, G.Love, and Money Mike. The Live In Japan disc covers live tunes like Group Therapy, Show Me The Money, Too Much Information and The Times They Are Like These. Also includes footage of some Japanese sights, surfing, off-stage jams and the making of In Between Dreams. On the Japanese touring leg, the opening guest was Brushfire label-mate Donovan Frankenreiter. Johnson is a very good songwriter and with his band brings heartfelt life to them. If you're a bit more hyper, this super-mellow acoustic experience will either start to gnaw at you, or chill you out.

4 / B
- PB

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