JUDAS PRIEST – Live Vengeance ‘82

I remember seeing this show on video somewhere in the mid ‘80s together with
Venom’s Seven Dates Of Hell. They were two very different beasts and we loved both shows. While Venom’s “evil” but highly entertaining pre-Black- & Death Metal shenanigans could easily become a pantomime, Judas Priest maintained a bit more classic class. The original leather & studs group penned some damn cool Metal classics and Rob Halford’s voice is still one of the untouchable few up there in the Metal echelons. They pelt out some unforgettable songs at the Mid South Coliseum in Memphis Tennessee – a long way from the UK, but with fans in their hordes out to honour their gods. The production of the show seems dated by today’s standards (hey they’ve got lasers!), but does nothing to diminish the impact of the songs, like The Hellion / Electric Eye, Heading Out To The Highway, Breaking The Law, Sinner, Diamonds And Rust, Screaming For Vengeance, Victim Of Changes, Living After Midnight, and Hell Bent For Leather. At the time not many knew of Halford’s sexual persuasion (a lot making sense in hindsight), but it doesn’t changes the huge contribution they made to an often scorned, but never beaten musical genre. And with Rob returning for their latest release Angel Of Retribution, they still kick most of the young upstarts’ asses. Unfortunately there are no extras.

5 / A
- PB

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