Released before their Brit Awards triumph, this group (cut from the
Franz Ferdinand cloth) seemed to come from out of nowhere with their cocky (but accomplished) pop-rock sense. Smugly arrated by the great Bill Nighy this unconventional documentary movie (with a solid slice of humour) is set up like an old-school info piece, with the various visited locations getting old stock footage with the bullshit voice-over to set the scene. There are also fake interviews with the band - as kids, currently and in the future as old men. The music videos and live footage included on the DVD cover Oh My God, Every Day I Love You Less And Less, I Predict A Riot, and Modern Way. Live footage was recorded at the Cockpit in Leeds (UK) and The Fillmore, San Francisco (USA). The Glastonbury- and V2005 festivals also get coverage. A fun movie that moves beyond the obvious format and conceited self-importance, as it introduces a new band on the verge of making it real big.

4 / B
- PB

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