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Kiss will remain with us for eternity – simple as that. This very nice double CD and DVD collection packs in some of the most legendary Kiss tunes since they erupted onto the world stage in the early ‘70s. The 40 tracks include such make-up era classics as Nothin’ To Lose, Strutter, Deuce, Parasite, She, Black Diamond, Rock And Roll All Night, Detroit Rock City, Beth, Love Gun, Do You Love Me, God Of Thunder, I Was Made For Lovin’ You, Calling Doctor Love, Christine Sixteen, Shock Me, A World Without Heroes, and loads more. I feel that the DVD inclusion could have been a better choice though. In stead of Kiss Konfidential or Extreme Close-Up, they opted for Exposed. This fake video documentary is a totally tongue in cheek (and sometimes slapstick) look at the Kiss lifestyle, made during their glammy ‘80s post-make-up high. True Kiss fans will find the humour apparent, while new investigators into the Kiss phenomenon may think they’re morons in this dated romp! Regardless of the plotted gags and big haired & busted chicks scattered around the mansion, you get some amazing vintage Kiss footage and some eye searing, glitzy, often very tacky ‘80s music videos. While Paul Stanley has always been the most flamboyant one of the bunch, here he is in his element as they visit his mansion, strewn with ladies and Kiss memorabilia. Ridiculous, but enjoyable.

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