LAMB OF GOD - Killadelphia

As it so often happens with the multitude of bands out there, some slip through the cracks of your musical experience.
For me,
Lamb Of God is one such band. They’ve been going for a decade or more, but I’ve only really heard of them fairly recently. A shame, I know, because they’re actually a damn fine act, mixing dependable old school metal with newer hardcore flavours (especially on the vocal side). Besides the precision driven live show, you get an interspersed documentary of the band on the road and all of its highs and lows – plus the slow and sure unraveling and igniting of a powder keg, culminating in the vocalist and one of the guitarists coming to blows in, and outside the tour bus! Well worth having if you’re a fan, and as interesting if you’re not.

4 / B
- PB

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