MADONNA – The Confessions Tour

She may be getting long in the tooth for many, but
Madonna’s still pretty damn fit and certainly knows how to put on a show.
This CD / DVD set cover all of the audio and visual angles on Madonna’s Confessions Tour. The live 13 track CD features a mixed bag of older tracks (Like A Virgin, Erotica, Lucky Star) to more recent hits (Confessions, Music Inferno, Hung Up). But, it’s the DVD that’s the more attractive part of the package. Besides the fact that you get to see the concert, the set list runs to 21 with all the songs featured on the CD plus Live To Tell, Get Together, Ray of Light, Forbidden Love, Drowned World / Substitute For Love, and La Isla Bonita. With the obligatory dancers and choreography, huge screens and prop incorporation (like a crucifixion sequence that may offend some, regardless of its socially contextualized intent),
has to pull out all the stops to stay ahead of the youngsters snapping at her heels. Mrs. Ritchie is obviously more pop than rock, so I don’t know how most will take to her strapped with a Gibson Les Paul playing three notes to I Love New York
Extras include behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage and a photo gallery.

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