The best mistake Hawkwind could've made was kick Lemmy out of the band. Had they not, we may not have had one of our time's most legendary hard rock acts. While nowadays many a youngster wears a Motörhead shirt (as with The Ramones) never having heard a single crunching note, there are hordes that revere and respect this band for their contribution to Rock across four decades (often breaking the record for being the loudest band). This DVD collection is a good start to give someone a taste of what this British force is all about, steamrolling audiences since the 1970s with their irresistibly grimey sound, mostly contributed by the voice and bass guitar of the living legend that is Lemmy.
The 15 video clips are mostly of the performance variety, including Overkill, Iron Fist, Poison, Motorhead, Bomber, and of course the irresistible Ace Of Spades.
Killed By Death is the only video with a narrative and was featured on the first Kerrang Video Kompilation in the '80s - I remember how there was only one VHS copy of it at Ragtime Records in Cape Town and how my brother and I went out of our way to make this expensive imported copy ours.
Unfortunately this release doesn't include songs from mammoth albums like Orgazmatron, but focuses more on the early days.

5 / B
- Paul Blom

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