PJ HARVEY ON TOUR – Please Leave Quietly

Polly Jean Harvey is one odd lady – and we love her for it. Her quirky ways and unconventional approach from her outlook on life, appearance, style, fashion, and of course her music, makes PJ an alternative icon we’ll sorely miss if she had to retire. She diverts from the norm and expresses her talent in her own way. Besides a live concert, this DVD also analyses her most recent album Uh-Huh Her, and we get her impressions on all of its aspects, from the song creation to the cover design (a collection of self-portrait photos taken over the years). The 16 live tracks taken from her live tour includes Meet Ze Monsta, Taut, Down By The Water, It’s You, Big Exit, Harder, Victory, Who The Fuck?, Evol, and The Letter – all performed with raw emotional peaks and valleys. Behind-the-scenes footage and a PJ interview is also included
Directed by Maria Mochnacz.

5 / B
- PB

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