- Once More With Feeling: Videos 1996-2004

This DVD is a great companion piece to the CD collection with the same title. Around one and a half dozen music videos across the band's career include 36 Degrees, Teenage Angst, Bruised Pristine, Nancy Boy, Pure Morning, You Don't Care About Us, Every You Every Me, Taste In Men, Special K, The Bitter End, Special Needs, English Summer Rain (a stop-animation video made by a South African fan!), the new track Twenty Years and Without You I'm Nothing (featuring the man,
David Bowie). Their videos have been directed by the likes of the great Chris Cunningham, Trevor Robinson and frequent collaborator Howard Greenhalge. Besides water and empty swimming pools featuring a lot, the clips are more often than not intriguing, slick and modern, featuring either narratives or performance footage, be it a sci-fi theme, warped sexual takes, jumping off buildings, thrown into a shark tank or playing inside a satellite dish. Extras include an extensive interview session with the trio saying it like it is; informative, amusing and silly music video commentaries; extra live clips like 20th Century Boy (again with Mr. Bowie at the '99 Brit awards), Spite & Malice live at Reading 2000 with Justin Warfield and English Summer Rain; Live tour visuals from Nancy Boy and Peeping Tom. This release comes in a very stylish bit of packaging that will sit nicely beside your copy of Placebo's Live In Paris.

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