THE POLICE – Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out

Produced, written and directed by
Police drummer Stewart Copeland, the footage used for this movie is taken from 50 hours of Super-8 film he shot through their rise from obscurity to fame and fortune. You’re taken around the world, on the road, backstage, on stage, in the studio, hotel rooms, tomfoolery, moments of intensity, fan psychosis, on video shots…
With Stewart mostly behind the camera, the focus of the pictures is naturally Sting and Andy Summers.
You get to realize a whole bunch of stuff you might have taken for granted – like the fact that Copeland and his sibling management was actually American. The movie was also scored by Copeland (who went on to doing many film soundtracks after the demise of
The Police).
Being a drummer and musician, Copeland’s no voice over artist, so his narration is sometimes a bit stilted.
This re-release of the movie now also feature an additional 20 minutes of footage, and a bonus commentary by Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland. The soundtrack is all
as well as seven previously unreleased versions of studio and live tracks.

5 / B
- PB

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