Rock Til You Drop 2ROCK 'TIL YOU DROP Volume 2

This triple disc collection includes 2 CDs and a DVD filled with a range of new school Rock acts with Pop angles (The Killers, Fall Out Boy, Blue October, Snow Patrol, The Bravery, Orson, The Rasmus, The Hives, The Automatic), some hard rock and Metal (3 Doors Down, Marilyn Manson, Godsmack, Danko Jones, The Darkness, Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., Rammstein), even a bit of Rap (Beastie Boys) and Pop-Punk (Blink 182, Sum 41), plus a range of other fun alternative derivatives like Bloodhound Gang, and classic Grunge era band Soundgarden. The ladies are in short supply, except for Nightwish.

The double CD packs in one shy of 40 cuts, as does the DVD (which is very much a mirror image video version of the CDs).

5 / B
- Paul Blom

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