SCOOTER – Excess All Areas

This Euro Techno group has always been a mystery to me. They’re kind of like a glammier and clubbed-up German
Prodigy with more commercial than underground elements. This live show packs in 1 ½ dozen songs and was recorded in Hamburg on their Who’s Got The Last Laugh Now Tour. Tracks include I’m Raving, Shake That!, Maria (I Like It Loud), The Chaser/Jigga Jigga!, Faster Harder Scooter, Weekend!, Fire, Hyper Hyper, (the ludicrous) Panties Wanted and more, with covers like Hello (Good To Be Back), Depeche Mode’s Stripped and renditions and incorporations of songs like Scotland The Brave, Pearl Jam’s One (as altered by Neophyte), Shake Your Booty and Walking In Memphis. With a lot of DJ style pointing, the keyboard duo and cheerleading vocalist (whose lyrics often leave a lot to be desired) is joined on stage by two dancing lasses in bikinis and hot pants, as well as a Metal guitarist (Jeff Mantas) appearing on a few songs. There’s backstage footage, fan interviews, a tour diary, as well as a poster. On a second disc you get all of their music videos - a whopping 33 of them! They range from locations around the world (including Japan and South Africa), live set-ups, stylized studio shoots, and tacky clips to featuring plenty of hot topless girls and even a German porn star. All clips have band introductions and some include making-ofs.

3 / B
- PB

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