SENTENCED – The Legacy

This extensive DVD documents the planned demise of these Finland metal legends.
Sentenced had that Scandinavian Metal flavour especially prevalent in the ‘90s, but with a catchy, rock based approach, clear vocals, lead breaks and all. The double DVD swansong of their full final live show of over 2 dozen songs contain 3 hours worth of footage, including bonus material from interviews and a documentary, to a photo gallery, discography, and seven music videos (Nepenthe, Noose, The Suicider, Killing Me Killing You, No-one There, Everfrost, Despair-Ridden Hearts).
There is an extensive on the road documentary (with is highs, lows and touring psychosis), as well as music videos, behind the scenes footage of the video- and photo shoots, interviews and more.
The main show was shot at Club Teatra, Oulo, Finland, on 1 October 2005, bringing an end to the tour and the band.
The show also features both of the band’s vocalists, Taneli Jarva and Ville Laihiala (now in
). Voices may sound strained in the live environment, but those who know the studio recordings well won’t mind.
English subtitles are necessary for their Finnish talks with the crowd inbetween songs. It all ends with a sweet closing shot of a girl in the audience crying – never to hear her favourite band live again – but then again, many buried things get resurrected…
This final show is also available on a double CD.

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