SLIPKNOT – Voliminal: Inside The Nine

No-one would have figured that the 9 masked metal monsters from Iowa would make such an impact on the music industry. With them it’s more than just getting into their masks and boiler suits, they live and breathe this demon called
Slipknot emerged from a saturated nu-metal market in the ‘90s (from the unlikely location of Iowa) with what seemed like a
mask gimmick. But the nine-member strong band soon proved their critics wrong with their extreme laced, high caliber, original full metal jacket music, matched by some of the most intense live shows around.
This double disc release takes a look inside this 18-legged beast across two years – taking you on the road, back stage, into the studio, festival footage, at music awards ceremonies and beyond. Some of your fears and suspicions will be confirmed while as many (if not more) will be proven wrong. In addition to the eye-popping feature length documentary (made by percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan), you get five music videos (Duality, Vermilion Parts 1 & 2, Before I Forget, and a live version of The Nameless). There’s also no less than ten additional live performances, including The Blister Exists, (sic), Eyeless, The Heretic Anthem, Pulse Of The Maggots, and People = Sh*t. The band’s intensity permeates everything from the cover design to the DVD menu’s dark schizophrenic execution. A highlight for hardcore fans is the inclusion of unmasked interviews with each of the members…unless of course you’d like the mystery to remain in tact; in that case turn away and listen – something which is also relevant when it comes to the music; no grotesque mask can convince you of the music’s inherent power.
One explosive package.
If you like your music light, sugar coated and unchallenging, this is knot the band for you!

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