STING - Bring On The Night

Sting's transition from frontman of The Police to solo artist was a gradual one as he adapted some Police tunes and ones he wrote during his tenure with Stewart and Andy. His new band members in this new frontier with a jazzy slant included the highly competent crew of Omar Hakim (drums), Darryl Jones (bass), Kenny Kirkland (keyboards), Branford Marsalis (sax) and some backup singers. The documentary was filmed during rehearsals and their performance in France. Songs are dispersed throughout the intimate study of this process of a band being created as the music is shaped. The promotional, pre-production and press activities are also included, as well as personal intimate moments like Sting's wife giving birth on camera.
DVD bonus material: music videos to Bring On The Night, If You Love Somebody Set Them Free, and Russians; trailer; photo gallery, and radio spots.
In addition you get 2 CDs in this set with over a dozen tracks. They include Bring On The Night, Consider Me Gone, We Work The Black Seam, The Dream Of the Blue Turtles, Demolition Man, One World (Not Three), Love Is The Seventh Wave, I Burn For You, Down So Long, and Tea In The Sahara. There are also notes by
Sting on the CD tracks, and from director Michael Apted for the DVD (Apted's other films include Agatha, Blink, and the Bond movie The World Is Not Enough).
Audio options include Stereo, DTS 5.1 or Dolby Digital 5.1.

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