- Tears Roll Down: Greatest Hits '82 - '92

The '80s will never go away. It's not just because those of us sitting in the 30 - 45 age group have fond formative year memories and reminisce through music. Fashion faux pas' aside, the pop music from that era was great. One of the many groups from that time that made good music that can still stand up against current releases include Tears For Fears. They took the electronic prevalence of that time and injected live instruments, fantastic dual vocals and lyrical thought into it. This DVD collection of their landmark tunes include such classics like Change, Mad World (recently covered by Gary Jules and used in the film Donnie Darko), Shout, Woman In Chains, Everybody Wants To Rule The World and Sowing The Seeds Of Love. The only slight downside is the economical and basic videos most of the early tunes received, but this also adds to the nostalgia many of us have for that decade, seeing these videos again.

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