THE WHO – Who’s Better, Who’s Best

While the first (and only) encounter of many new ears with a composition by
The Who may be via the version used for the CSI TV series, this DVD collection is a good start to explore the band’s influence on rock music since the ‘60s.
From un-scrubbed young upstarts to old rockers,
The Who is as important as other British pioneers like The Beatles and Rolling Stones.
Initially released over two decades ago, this collection of live performances and video clips get a DVD make-over, covering
The Who
period from 1965 – 1982.
Songs include My Generation, Substitute, The Kids Are Alright, I’m A Boy, Magic Bus, Pinball Wizard, I’m Free, See Me Feel Me, Won’t Get Fooled Again, and Who Are You?
Vocalist Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are the only surviving members, 50% of the band passing on over the years - drummer Keith Moon’s excesses taking its toll several decades ago and bassist John Entwistle in more recent years.

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